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Word of mouth is the single most important form of advertising, and money simply can't buy it. When you've been in business in the same town as long as we have, you get a reputation. If you've done a good job, you get a good reputation. We are proud to share with you some testimonials from satisfied customers.

Lane & Julio & Marybel Abreu:

Lane & Pat Watkins:

Ron and Connie Justice:

    We had our dream house built by Edgley Construction. From beginning to end, you couldn't ask for a more professional man. Doug would listen with patience to every small detail that concerned us. If there were any issues, it would be handled in a very prompt manner. If you called him, you can be assured that he would answer or call back within a few minutes. He would be here every day, sometimes two and three times a day to monitor our progress. If we didn't like the way something turned out, no matter whose fault, it would be taken care of without any hassles.

    His framer Bill Guernsey was impressive from the beginning. Pride with every board was taken. Each day Bill would spend time perfecting every step of his job. It was old school thinking and performance that left us appreciating Bill being chosen to do this step in building our house.

    Holly Electric made it easy for us to choose where to put each outlet or light switch. He made several suggestions that we hadn't even thought about. During the wiring process, we added a few things and they were taken care of with no complaints.

    Doug's right hand man, Jay Rix, had to put up with us on a daily basis. We had very specific Master Bathroom plans. He cut and placed each tile exactly to match the next one. From the ceiling to the floor, he took his time to make sure it was to our liking. It turned out beautiful! Our staircase was another challenge met with above and beyond performance. These are just two ofthe many things he did. His workmanship is well worth the mentioning. Whether he was fixing someone else's mistake or just completing the punch list, we knew it was done right. Jay is a completely trustworthy man with multiple skills.

    All is all, you can tell from the time I took in writing this, that we were more than satisfied with our choice in Edgley Constrution. Just mention the name "Doug Edgley" to anyone involved in the building process, and you will hear nothing but good comments on his dedication to build the best houses around.

    Thanks Doug,

    Ron and Comiie Justice

James Cartwright:

Ken & Linda Stapleton:

Rossie, Kristy, Kalie, & Macie Baker:

Windy Rossin:

    Thanks for the house that God has truly allowed me to have, and the wonderful carpenters (aka master builders)at the one-and-only Edgley construction that He allowed to build it for me. Words will never describe what a wonderful and hassle-free experience you all have made this first time experience for me.

    You guys guided me; no question ever being dumb, never being late; pure excellence. I can truly say that if you want the best of the best in home construction or whatever you desire... Edgley Construction is the place to go! Professional, honest, good people. They do more than build homes… they build dreams - they are family!

Ann Bormolini and Art Hutchison:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Edgley Construction Company just completed our home and we could not be happier. It has been a very pleasant experience resulting in a home that exceeded our expectations!

    Since this was our first time building a completely custom home, there were moments of confusion. Doug Edgley helped us through every aspect of the building process and was there to answer our questions and to make recommendations. We always enjoyed our interactions with him and appreciated his complete honesty and his quiet sense of humor!

    All of the subcontractors Mr. Edgley uses are held to his same high standards. They were always polite, pleasant to work with and left the worksite clean and orderly. Our short punch list when we moved in was completed before the moving van drove away! And the few questions we have had since then are promptly resolved.

    Having complete confidence in our builder makes it very easy to recommend him to others.

Jack & Arlene Landers:

    We are first time home builders and it was our good fortune to have as our contractor, Doug Edgley. His manner was straight forward, always keeping us up to date on the progress of our construction. He discussed cost/expenses during each step of the process with us. His craftsmanship and attention to detail were constant. We are so pleased with our home and the quality of construction. It was such a pleasure dealing with Doug, we would recommend Edgley Construction without reservation to anyone who is considering building a home.

Bill and Patti Sepko:

    This letter by Bill and Patti Sepko of Lake City, Florida, appeared in The Lake City Reporter in May, 2000... After years of planning and saving, months of research and thousands of questions, we contacted Edgley Construction to build our dream home in the country. The Edgley family has been a fixture here for many years and believes in deliberate, ethical, and moral work practices.

    The house was under construction for a little over six months. There were times when Doug Edgley would work with the crew for 8-10 hours, drive them back to town and return to toil until 4:30 in the morning and begin a full days work by 8 a.m. Our dealings with the family and employees were always positive, and there were more than a few times that the Edgleys or their employees went above and beyond what was asked of them. Our hundreds of "dumb" questions were answered and practical advice was always given. Quite a few other local companies and tradesmen earned our business thanks to suggestions of the Edgley family.

    As with any human undertaking, snags and delays took place. All were handled competently and we recently moved into our home. What many people would consider a nightmare was, for us, a labor or love and a dream come true, thanks to the fine members of one group in our community.

Bud & Dorothy Schneerer:

    Dorothy and I would like to thank all of you for a great job on our house. We are very pleased with the fit and finish. We have had nothing but good comments from anyone who has been in the house. Thanks again.

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